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Wan Hai Lines WH A07 Successful Seafarer Rescue Operation

Wan Hai Lines WH A07 Successful Seafarer Rescue Operation

Wan Hai Lines Ltd. vessel, Wan Hai A07, on its voyage from the East Coast of the United States to the Suez Canal on October 5 at 9 PM, responded to a distress call at a location approximately 400 nautical miles west of Gibraltar. Damage to the keel of the sailboat had put it at serious risk of capsizing and sinking. The sailboat was solely operated by its captain, who was found approximately 50 nautical miles south of the sailboat after activating the on-board AIS (Automatic Identification System) distress beacon.

Upon gathering the necessary information, Wan Hai A07 promptly altered course, sailing towards the distressed location to carry out the rescue operation. Successfully rescuing the individual on the early morning of October 6. Under the meticulous care of the crew, the rescued individual was found to be in relatively good health and was identified as a French national upon initial inquiry. Subsequently, contact was established with the Spanish Maritime Rescue Coordination Center (MRCC), which dispatched a patrol boat to complete the rescue operation.

The rescue operation executed by Wan Hai A07 not only adhered to the International Convention on Maritime Search and Rescue but also embodied the spirit of selfless aid, reflecting Wan Hai Lines’ high regard for social responsibility and respect for the value of life. Moving forward, Wan Hai Lines will continue to serve the community in line with their motto, “We Carry, We Care”, contributing to efforts towards social welfare and humanitarian rescue.
Source: Wan Hai Lines