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Manila Hearing Aid launches hearing wellness campaign for Filipino seafarers

Manila Hearing Aid launches hearing wellness campaign for Filipino seafarers
October 29, 2023

Filipino seafarers, the lifeblood of the global maritime industry, are now urged to put their hearing wellness first, as prolonged exposure to high noise levels has now been linked to varying degrees of noise-induced hearing loss over time.

In light of this concern, Manila Hearing Aid (MHA), a trusted name in Philippine hearing care for over 47 years, just launched a special awareness campaign in October, aimed at these heroes, both hearing aid users and non-users, to ensure their hearing well-being. This initiative coincides with MHA’s long-running special discount for seafarers, offering a 20 percent price reduction on select hearing aids.

The maritime industry has long been founded and built on hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. With over 489,000 Filipino sailors serving aboard ships worldwide in 2022, these mariners play an essential role in maintaining the global supply chain, ensuring passenger safety, and safeguarding cargo, these are but a few of the parts being fulfilled by our Filipino seafarers.

Hearing wellness is an unsung importance for seafarers, given the hazardous noise levels in ship machinery spaces. To promote hearing wellness among seafarers, MHA has put forth a guide offering valuable advice for both hearing aid users and non-users.

For seafarers who rely on hearing aids, these devices are indispensable tools in an environment where effective transmission is crucial. Ships are equipped with audible alarms and rely on seamless communication for safety, making hearing aids an essential part of the job.

Consistent use of hearing aids allows users to adapt to different sound levels, ensuring they never miss important conversations or safety instructions. The only exception is when they are exposed to high-noise-level spaces, where hearing protective devices (HPD) such as ear muffs or plugs should be used.

Hearing aids, while advanced and water-resistant, still require proper care. Using hearing aid care products like drying beakers, moisture removal capsules, and water-resistant covers can help prolong their lifespan in the demanding seafaring environment.