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Many Ship Crews Will Get Double Money to Go Through Red Sea

Many Ship Crews Will Get Double Money to Go Through Red Sea
Alex Longley January 19, 2024

Seafarers on vessels with links to the US and UK will get double pay for the days they’re in the most dangerous parts of the Red Sea, as well as the option to disembark before reaching the risky areas, a major union said.

Nautilus International, which represents more than 20,000 crew, said the agreement will apply from Friday and has been broadened from a previous recommendation that only covered vessels with links to Israel.

The deal follows a meeting of the Warlike Operations Area Committee, which is made up of Nautilus, the UK Chamber of Shipping, and the RMT Union.

It made the recommendation following the increased threat posed by Houthi rebels, who have said all UK and US assets in the region are legitimate targets. Key organizations have warned that parts of the Red Sea remain too dangerous to transit following attacks in shipping, sparking an exodus of vessels from the region.

“Seafarer safety must take precedence over commercial interests,” said David Appleton, Nautilus International head of professional and technical. “This is a welcome move, and we are pleased agreement was reached between unions, employers, and government.”

The hazard pay concession followed a similar move in late December from Denmark’s shipping industry.