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European assistance sought in shipping modernization drive

European assistance sought in shipping modernization drive
Ashley Erika O. Jose March 26, 2024

THE Maritime Industry Authority (Marina) said it is seeking European assistance in implementing its shipping modernization plan.

“We are pursuing collaboration with foreign maritime administrations like Norway, France and Denmark,” Sonia B. Malaluan, Marina administrator, said in a briefing on Tuesday.

Marina hopes to extend its partnership with France on maritime safety, Ms. Malaluan said, adding that the collaboration started in 2022 and is due to expire this year.

In January, Marina said it is in discussions with France on possible shipbuilding, ship repair, and marine environmental protection.

Ms. Malaluan said Marina also needs foreign help in training and upskilling seafarers in operating ships powered by liquefied natural gas, methanol, hydrogen, and ammonia.

She added that Marina is also pursuing a tieup with Denmark to decarbonize the shipping industry.