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Seafarer Explains Why They Bring Two Months’ Worth of Food on Ships

Seafarer Explains Why They Bring Two Months’ Worth of Food on Ships
Jay-r Santiago May 18, 2024

A seafarer bravely shared the reasons behind the practice of bringing plenty of food before boarding a ship for work.

Recently, Joe Marino PH, a Facebook user, posted a photo showing the food supplies seafarers bring before embarking on their ship duties. The post quickly went viral, eliciting various reactions from netizens.

Seafaring is not just a job but a lifestyle that involves months at sea without touching land. Seamen like Joe often work on cruise ships where they face unique challenges, including irregular meal times despite having free meals provided thrice daily.

The seafarer revealed that one of the key reasons for packing two months’ worth of food is to save money. Food prices onboard, especially for Filipino cuisines, can be expensive. A simple Stick-O snack, which costs around P100 on land, translates to approximately $9.50 when purchased onboard.

The huge difference shows the financial wisdom in bringing affordable snacks like sardines, Sky Flakes, and instant pancit canton. Beyond saving money, packing food supplies serves an important financial planning purpose.

Many seafarers use this strategy to ensure they have funds to cover personal expenses and bills back home during their contract period. It’s a practical strategy born out of necessity.

Joe demonstrates resilience and resourcefulness in ensuring their financial stability and comfort while fulfilling their demanding roles at sea.