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IR4.0 in the maritime industry: some can afford going high tech, others use email or just 'modernize'

Digital Transformation of the Maritime Industry
Global August 31 2018

Almost any aspect of the maritime sector is currently undergoing far reaching changes at unprecedented pace:

*Digital transformation is rapidly changing the way, shipments are controlled and supply chains are managed. Blockchains and other technologies definitely have entered the marine transport sector with players from different industries combining efforts to promote standardized and working solutions.
*The operation of vessels more and more relies on digitisation at different levels, from IoT supported route and resource planning to crewless ships and unmanned vessels. Prototypes of unmanned vessels are already tested in practice.


Maritime industry software provider snapped up
Josh Morris 5 Sep 2018

A provider of specialist software to the shipping industry has been acquired by a global weather company.

Nautisk, which provides fleet management and navigation software for maritime use and has a base in Bristol, was acquired by StormGeo.

The deal allows StormGeo to be the first to integrate routing and weather services with charts and publications offered by Nautisk. (continue ....

“Maritime industry and 3d printing, Hamburg unveils the latest news”
Genoa - Interview with Business Unit Director – Maritime and Technology Fairs Hamburg Messe,Claus Ulrich Selbach

What is special about SMM 2018?
“The sheer dimensions of this trade fair are stunning: 93,000 square metres of exhibition floor in 13 halls, and 50,000 expected industry visitors from more than 120 countries make SMM the world’s biggest trade fair for the maritime sector. (more...

Email solution optimised for smaller vessels
06 Sep 2018

Robert Kenworthy:“We’ve used our 20+ years of experience in the maritime industry to develop a product which suits their needs and requirements Robert Kenworthy:“We’ve used our 20+ years of experience in the maritime industry to develop a product which suits their needs and requirements" Photo: GTMaritime
Industry Database

GTMaritime has launched a simple, robust and cost-effective email solution for small vessels which allows them to communicate better with shore.

SeaMail enables small vessels, including barges and fishing vessels, to communicate easily with the shore while reducing costly satellite bandwidth usage saving up to 80% on their satellite airtime.

“Smaller vessels don’t have the capacity or budget to be able to operate larger, managed and comprehensive email solutions”, said Robert Kenworthy, CEO, GTMaritime.

“We’ve used our 20+ years of experience in the maritime industry to develop a product which suits their needs and requirements, ultimately allowing them to manage their costs and save money.”


Marina launches domestic ship modernization drive
September 7, 2018

MANILA — The Maritime Industry Authority (Marina) has launched an information campaign on its domestic ship modernization program, which aims to ensure safe and efficient sea vessels traveling across the country.

In a statement Friday, Marina said it has oriented 80 motorbanca owners and operators from Region 4 on the importance of upgrading wooden-hulled motor bancas into either steel, aluminum, or fiberglass during a workshop with the Department of Finance (DOF) and the Development Bank of the Philippines Leasing Corporation (DLC) in Batangas City from September 3 to 5.

“Safety of life at sea is primordial to Marina and ship modernization is a step towards attaining this objective,” Marina Domestic Shipping Service Director Sonia Malaluan said.

Motorbanca owners may avail of financial assistance through the Municipal Assistance Fund of the DOF’s Municipal Development Fund Office to upgrade wooden sea vessels into fiber reinforced plastic boats.

Marina will also provide incentives, capability, and capacity-building in establishing cooperatives that can offer further financial support during the implementation of the program.

The agency will continue to hold workshops in different provinces across the country to clarify issues of coverage, exemptions and transitions under the program.

The upgrading of motorbancas is part of Marina’s 10-year Maritime Industry Development Program, which also involves the modernization of domestic ships through the strengthening of the capability of local shipyards and promoting the development of locally-made ships. (Aerol John Pateña/PNA)