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Asia Leads in Container Shipping Connectivity

Asia Leads in Container Shipping Connectivity

China remained the trading nation best connected to others by sea in 2018, according to UNCTAD’s latest Liner Shipping Connectivity Index (LSCI), released alongside the Review of Maritime Transport 2018.

The LSCI is an indicator of a country’s position within the global liner shipping networks. It is calculated from data on the world’s container ship deployment: the number of ships, their container carrying capacity, the number of services and companies and the size of the largest ship.

China's LSCI number has increased by 88 percent since UNCTAD first compiled the index in 2004. The best-connected territories for seaborne trade were all in Asia, with Singapore (2), Republic of Korea (3), Hong Kong (4) and Malaysia (5), each with a score of more than 100 according to the index’s metrics.

At the other end of the table, the worst-connected territories, meaning trade in shipped goods remained problematic with knock-on economic effects, were Norfolk Island, Christmas Island, Cayman Islands, Bermuda and Tuvalu.

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