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Marina rolls out cruise ship accreditation program

Marina rolls out cruise ship accreditation program
RAYMUND F. ANTONIO October 15, 2018

The Maritime Industry Authority (Marina) has rolled out its ship modernization program through accreditation of cruise ships and information campaign for motorboats to ensure safety of lives at sea.

Marina started recently the information campaign in Batangas City, where its personnel oriented several motorboat owners and operators from Southern Tagalog about the importance of upgrading wooden-hulled motorboats into steel, aluminum, or fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) boats.

The agency then called on shipping companies to acquire and operate cruise ships in the country to help promote tourism and said by doing so, it said it will “advance local maritime industry by boosting Philippine tourism.”

Marina Administrator Rey Guerrero assured it will be “uncompromising in regulating the industry” when it set the implementation of the accreditation of cruise ships last month. Cruise ships that were operational for not more than 20 years are covered by the governing body’s accreditation scheme to ensure maritime safety and security, the governing body said.

All ships are required to be classed by the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) to “warrant adherence to technical standards and requirements, ensuring maritime safety and environmental protection.”