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Cargo Ship in Japan Bridge Smash

Cargo Ship in Japan Bridge Smash
24 Oct 2018

Oldendorff Carriers, a dry bulk and cargo shipping company, has announced that one its vessels collided with the Oshima Bridge in Japan on October 22, 2018.

The Erna Oldendorff, a general cargo ship, was involved in the accident on its way to Etajima, Japan, causing damage to a water supply pipe and internet cables.

No personal injuries were recorded by the authorities, and there is no sign of pollution after the crash.

Following the incident, a strong and dangerous current near the bridge made it impossible for the vessel to anchor safely near the site of the accident.

The Master reported the accident immediately, after which the vessel proceeded to its planned safe anchorage at Etajima, Japan.

Erna Oldendorff has now moved to the Yanai anchorage in Japan for a further assessment by the Japanese Coast Guard, the ship sustaining damage to its mast and three cranes.

The Oshima Bridge was temporarily closed for traffic, but it is reported that one-way traffic will resume on October 24.

According to Oldendorff, the Japanese Coast Guard have started “a full investigation to the cause of the incident”.

A further statement read: “Oldendorff Carriers would like to apologise for the disruption caused to anyone as a result of the unfortunate events.”