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SUNOG! Fire breaks out on ship in St. John’s Harbour; General cargo ship fire, 2 killed,15 crew rescued, East China sea

Fire breaks out on ship in St. John’s Harbour
Bart Fraize -April 1, 2019

The factory freezer trawler was tied up on the south side of St. John’s harbour when the crew noticed it was filling up with smoke. The vessel was evacuated and 911 was called.

Firefighters quickly located the source of the smoke as a motor that made up one of the ship’s ventilation systems. That system carried the smoke throughout the vessel.

Firefighters quickly dealt with the problem and the crew was allowed to return.

General cargo ship fire, 15 crew rescued, East China sea
Mikhail Voytenko April 1, 2019

MRCC China was alerted at 0652 Beijing time Apr 1 by distress message from general cargo ship in East China sea. The ship reported major fire in superstructure, asked for evacuation. Salvage ship was sent to assist, at 0815 Beijing time all 15 crew were transferred to salvage ship by a lifeboat. As of 0700 UTC, the ship was still on fire. The ship was bound for Ulsan Korea.

2 killed, 15 rescued after cargo ship catches fire in E China

Two crewmen were killed and 15 others rescued after a cargo ship caught fire near the estuary of the Yangtze River on Monday, according to China Central Television.

The incident happened at 7:01 a.m. BJT on Monday.