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Biggest shipping group formed in Cebu

Biggest shipping group formed in Cebu
August 16, 2019

Cebu-based shipping owners and operators recently assembled together to establish the Philippine Coastwise Shipping Association Inc. (PCSA), the country’s largest shipping group with most members and biggest total gross tonnage of ships combined.

Composed of members of the Philippine RORO Operators Association (PROA), the Visayan Association of Ferry Boat and Coastwise Ship-owners Operators (VAFCSO), and the United Trampers Association of the Philippines (UTAP), the new group aims to strengthen its advocacy in the development of a robust domestic shipping industry through government and private sector cooperation.

According to PSCA chairman Lucio Lim, Jr., the association’s primary purpose is to unify ship owners and operators for the promotion of a public policy framework that will accelerate the domestic shipping industry’s modernization.

He added that PCSA also aims to promote responsible ship ownership and adherence to the accepted standards of safety and service in shipping operations.

With the merger, the Cebu-based association strengthened the position of the Maritime Industry Authority-Region 7 for having the biggest gross tonnage of ships registered across the Philippines.

Elected as officers for 2019-2020 were Lite Shipping Corp. President and CEO Lucio Lim, Jr. as chairman, Paul Rodriguez of Super Shuttle Ferry as president, Benson Go of Seensam Shipping as vice-president for cargo shipping, Vicente Montenegro, Jr. of Montenegro Shipping as vice-president for passenger shipping, Pio Serafin Fulache of Medallion Shipping as treasurer, and Teresa Abad of 2Go Group as corporate secretary.

Other members of the board of trustees are Jose Emery Alexander Cohon of Lapu-Lapu Shipping Lines, and Arthur Kenneth Sy of Trans Asia Shipping.

Named as chairman emeritus is former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in recognition for her unwavering support to the local shipping industry when she established the Strong Republic Nautical Highway. She will induct the group’s board of trustees and officers on August 16 in Cebu City.

Lim said that the group has engaged a Cebu-based administrator and secretariat to handle membership, internal and external relationships, and industry concerns. He concluded that PCSA is open to ship owners and operators.