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Nigerian Amb. Adekunbi A. Sonaike-Ayodeji: “Nigeria is ...a coastal state that requires Filipino seafarers”

Nigeria eager to expand linkages with PHL
Recto Mercene - October 10, 2019


WITH its vibrant culture, the positive disposition of its citizens and their adaptability, Nigeria has become the “Giant of Africa,” in more ways than just sheer size of population.

The country’s strength lies in the multitude of young Nigerians who make up a major part of their country’s 180 million people. About 43 percent of them are 15 years old.
In other areas, the good ambassador (Adekunbi A. Sonaike-Ayodeji) volunteered that Manila and Abuja have already discussed their views on the exchange of prisoners, as well as on a draft agreement on mutual recognition on maritime matters.

Although current trade amounts to only $12 million, there is a steady flow of car spare parts and electronics to the African nation, while the Philippines provides them with warm bodies for their seafaring vessels.

“We believe that maritime certificates from here [in the Philippines] should be recognized by Nigeria,” she averred.

All these considered, the ambassador believes that both parties should take the JCM agreements a step further.

“Nigeria is also a coastal state that requires Filipino seafarers,” she professed, and then went on to say that many of them “have contributed to the overall maritime advantage of Nigeria, [which is] a coastal nation.”

“This involved the mutual recognition of certificates of competence: That whoever is qualified to be a seafarer in the Philippines, must also be recognized in Nigeria.”