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Ogie Diaz slams Panelo’s ‘not a concern’ remark on all-Filipino crew ship incident

Ogie Diaz slams Panelo’s ‘not a concern’ remark on all-Filipino crew ship incident
Cody CepedaI November 04, 2019

Ogie Diaz was saddened by Presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo’s statement regarding the Chinese naval ship that tried to stop a Liberian-flagged, Greek-owned ship with an all-Filipino crew from passing near Scarborough Shoal.

The Green Aura was going to China from Thailand through the West Philippine Sea on Sept. 30 when it was warned by the Chinese naval ship from passing near the disputed waters. Panelo said on Sunday, Nov. 3, that the incident was “not a concern” since it was not a Philippine vessel.

Diaz, however, did not seem to agree with Panelo as he took to social media to express his sentiments.

“Filipino po ang sangkot. Kababayan natin. Nagkataon lang na sa foreign ship nagtatrabaho,” said Diaz on Facebook on Nov. 3 after sharing a report about the incident. “Wag kayong ganyan, Ginoong Panelo. Wala na nga kayong naitulong sa kapwa Filipino mo, ganyan pa maririnig sa yo?”

(Filipinos are involved. Our countrymen. It just so happens that they work in a foreign ship. Don’t be like that, mister Panelo. You have not even done anything for your fellow Filipinos and this is what they hear from you?)

He also waxed sarcastic to further point out what was deemed as Panelo’s lack of concern over the matter, as he said that Panelo should be conscious about the kinds of Filipinos that might have constituted the crew.

“Baka DDS pa yang OFW, pakitanong na din muna ha? Baka botante pa yan ni Pangulo, magtabi-tabi po ka muna. O baka Dilawan, lalong wag nyo nang tulungan, baka nakakahiya na sa inyo at nakakaabala lang sa yo,” he added. “Paki-check na din, baka hindi nagbabayad ng buwis yan, lalong hindi nyo na dapat tapunan ng malasakit center.”

(Maybe these OFWs are Diehard Duterte Supporters, don’t forget to ask, okay? Perhaps they are voters of the President, you should step aside. Or maybe they are Dilawan, all the more for you not to help them, maybe it is embarrassing for you and a hassle. Also check, maybe they are not paying taxes, all the more for you not to give them a malasakit center.)

In the end, Diaz wondered whether foolishness is really normal in some government officials.

“Normal na lang ba talaga ang ganitong kag*g*han ng ilan nating government officials?” he said. “Sobrang nakakalungkot.” (Is foolishness really normal in some of our government officials? This is so sad).

In view of the incident, defense secretary Delfin Lorenzana urged China on Nov. 3 to respect the international maritime laws if it wants to earn the respect of the international community. He also said that the incident should not be “sensationalized” or “blown out of proportion,” considering that the Green Aura reached its destination safely.

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