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Ship’s chief engineer drowns in Guimaras

Ship’s chief engineer drowns
Ruby Silubrico -Monday, January 13, 2020

ILOILO City – The chief engineer of a ship serving the Guimaras-Iloilo route and vice versa died. He fell from the ship docked at the wharf in Buenavista, Guimaras and drowned.

The fall and drowning of Mark Gil Jarabe, 29, of Vasquez Street, Surigao City before dawn on Saturday was caught by a nearby closed circuit television camera.

Jarabe’s body was found hours after colleagues reported him missing to the police.

According to Police Colonel Hector Maestral, Guimaras police director, Jarabe was the chief engineer of M/V Yohan. He went on a drinking binge with porters late Friday night.

Around 12:55 a.m. on Saturday, M/V Yohan operations manager Joel Retesa alerted the police; he was anxious because had not seen Jarabe return to their ship.

As part of the initial investigation, the police reviewed the recording of the security camera of a nearby local tourism office.

The camera caught Jarabe returning to the ship; he later went out to pee.

Jarabe was peeing when he fell from the ship and drowned, said Maestral.

“The security camera footage showed there was no foul play in this case. Jarabe accidentally fell into the water. He was obviously drunk,” stressed Maestral./PN