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Coast guard seaman axed after being caught using gov't vehicle for prostitution

Coast guard seaman axed after being caught using gov't vehicle for prostitution
Ratziel San Juan February 13, 2020 -

MANILA, Philippines — The Philippine Coast Guard on Thursday confirmed that it discharged one of its personnel after he was caught on video using the government vehicle issued to his immediate supervisor to pick up prostitutes along a videoke bar in Quezon City.

PCG Commandant Admiral Joel Garcia affirmed the dismissal from service of Seaman Second Abulhair Turabin due to the incident recorded on Dec. 20, 2019.

The said seaman's mother unit, the PCG - Logistics Command, recommended his dismissal two weeks ago.

“After the receipt of complaint, Turabin was immediately placed under preventive suspension pending investigation of the case,” read the coast guard’s release.

“Upon review and evaluation of the case, PCG Spokesperson Captain Armand A Balilo said Turabin has been found guilty of utilizing a government vehicle for personal matters and outside office hours which is against the rules and regulations of the uniformed armed service and other public servants.”

The PCG then ordered the immediate termination from service of the seaman for "failure to uphold the oath of fully obeying the orders of officers appointed over him."

Prior to his dismissal, Turabin operated under the Logistics Command’s Real Estate Management Office.

In the statement, Garcia said that the coast guard “does not, in any way, tolerate such offense and hereby urges all men and women of the service to consider this case as a lesson to exercise morality in action at all times.”