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2 injured Pinoy seamen aboard car carrier ‘Pegasus Highway’ hit by a rogue wave en route to Bermuda

Injured seamen en route to Bermuda
Jan 5, 2018

Two injured seamen were today bound for Bermuda after an accident on a car carrier.

The Filipino crewmen were injured when the ‘Pegasus Highway’ was hit by a rogue wave late last night.

One suffered lacerations to the face, while the other sustained head, hand and leg injuries.

The men were carrying out a cargo inspection when the wave hit the ship, which was around 300 miles northeast of the island at the time.

A spokesman for the Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre said: “Medical treatment was administered on-board with the vessel then 420 miles east of Chesapeake Bay, unable to return to the U.S.A. due to continuing bad weather.”

The ship is expected to arrive in the East End tomorrow afternoon to transfer the men to shore.