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Container ship caught in lunacy: such nonsense as being healthy doesn’t count any more

Container ship caught in lunacy
Mikhail Voytenko May 8, 2021

Container ship ATHENS BRIDGE, deployed understood, on the ONE Service China-Singapore-Malaysia-India, left Kattupalli India on Apr 22, with Port Klang being next port of call. The ship was rejected entry in sequence, by Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam, in the wake of India’s “covid crisis” fears, to be finally, allowed to anchor in Manila Bay, thanks to 21 Filipino crew.

12 crew were tested positive, 2 of them taken to hospital, reportedly with breath problems. It is said, that they’re in “critical condition” – probably they are, probably they aren’t, it’s beyond any trustworthy checking. The ship arrived at Manila Bay on May 6, and remains at anchor, in quarantine and under maximum security. Most of the crew are healthy, but such nonsense as being healthy doesn’t count any more.

The sudden worldwide upsurge of cases of tested positive crews on board of the ships which arrive from India, undoubtedly, is the result of two factors in play – health authorities throughout the world have been ordered to follow the narrative and test positive everybody and everything coming from India (PCR test being an ideal instrument for falsifications); there’s a mass crew vaccination program under way, and upsurge in sick/hospitalized/dying seamen is the result of vaccinations. No jab, no illness, but with that, no job. It’s up to seamen to decide, what’s more important for them – their health or their jobs.

Container ship ATHENS BRIDGE, IMO 9409053, dwt 51314, capacity 4300 TEU, built 2009, flag Panama, manager ALFA SHIP MANAGERS PTE LTD, Singapore (EQUASIS).