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National Maritime Polytechnic stays with Department of Labor and Employment

NMP stays with DoLE
May 8, 2018

Despite earlier pronouncement by the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) the National Maritime Polytechnic (NMP) will stay as attached agency of the Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE).

In a visit recently to Tacloban, Jacinto V. Paras of the Human Capital Development Legislative and Media Affairs and Administrative Service cluster of DoLE, said “, “We have heard in the past that there was an attempt on the part of the Department of Transportation (DOTr) to absorb NMP but fortunately we were able to convince the DOTr through Undersecretary Felipe A. Judan that NMP should remain as part of the human capital development rather than as part merely of the shipping and transportation or whatever the DOTr has planned”.
Marina is an agency under DOTr.

Paras stressed that NMP should continue to remain with DoLE, as the NMP’s clientele, the Filipino seafarers, are part of the workforce of the country. The NMP contributes to the attainment of DoLE’s agenda on Human Capital Development, with the training and research it conducts that ensures the Filipino seafarers to acquire the knowledge and skills required of them to become globally competitive in the international maritime labor market.

During the launch of its 10-year Maritime Industry Development Program (MIDP), then Marina administrator Dr. Marcial Quirico Amaro 3rd announced that by early 2018, NMP will be under its watch and will be taken over from DOLE. Amaro said the acquisition would address the need for more highly qualified workers for shipboard assignments and shore-based jobs. He said the NMP should not be competing with the private sector in training maritime workers but should instead be a tool to make existing workers more competitive both in the local and international market.

Amaro was axed early this year for excessive traveling and has been replaced by retired AFP Chief of Staff, Ray Leonardo Guerrero.

Paras meanwhile emphasized the need for NMP to move forward and to be true to its mandate as underscored in Presidential Decree No. 1369. Accordingly, NMP has to focus in offering specialization and upgrading courses for both licensed officers and ratings and conducting researches and studies on the latest maritime technologies and other related matters for the maritime industry.

Based on the above premise, a paradigm- shift is needed from NMP to come up with a new and true direction as mandated by the law. As such, a series of strategic planning and workshop will be conducted in May 2018.

Meanwhile, NMP continues to upgrade its facilities and provide maritime trainings required pursuant to the Standards of Training, Certification, and Watch keeping for Seafarers (STCW) Convention as amended in 2010 including value-adding courses towards improving the qualifications of Filipino seafarers for their employment acceptability and enhanced competitiveness.