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'NPA Infiltrated'? : 'Seaman's wife' alleged in KADAMAY activities

‘Kadamay in Pandi infiltrated by NPA’
DEMPSEY REYES June 17, 2018

PANDI, Bulacan: The communist New People’s Army (NPA) has infiltrated the government housing projects here occupied by urban poor group Kalipunan ng Damayang Mahihirap (Kadamay), by recruiting the residents as gunmen, according to a breakaway group.

14 leaders

The defectors also identified 14 leaders of Kadamay who were making such threats to them.

They are Imelda Borloza, Mercy Mandin, Rowena Esparez, Mely Raz, Concepcion Opalla, Patrick de Ocampo, Janet Villamor, Rolyn Abangan, Milo Maurillo, Violeta Bagaforo, Rosario Soria, Melchor Saludares, Analyn Tumaos-as and Aiko Balcos.

The defectors said the leaders put up the barricade at the subdivision’s entrance gate.

Ariz said all the leaders have been living in leisure within the area. He singled out Raz, who, he said, owns a Starex van, occupies four lots in Villa Louise, and has a husband who is a seaman.

The defectors brought the reporters to the area occupied by Raz, where a white Starex van was seen at one of her four lots.

In front of her garage space for the Starex, a variety store was also seen. Some defectors claimed that it is also owned by Raz.

“My question is, what your motive?” a visibly irked Raz asked reporters, after finding out her house was being observed.

She was accompanied by Pat Tupas, the spokesman of Kadamay’s Pandi municipal chapter, who also addressed the queries of visiting reporters.

As he went near the area where the defectors were, they immediately shouted at him and the remaining active members.

Tupas then belied the claims made by the defectors, particularly the P150 to P300 fee for rallies outside the area and the supposed NPA threats.

He also defended the blockade at the entrance gate, saying it was for the safety of the Kadamay residents.

“This is to ensure that there would be no commotion inside the housing units and to assure our members of their security,” Tupas said in Filipino.

Policemen from the PNP Police Regional Office of Central Luzon went to the area even before the two factions of Kadamay faced off and threw insults and allegations at each other.

Upon the entry of reporters, the active Kadamay members barred the media, asking for identification cards for each one.

Sought for comment, the Pandi municipal police station said it was validating reports on the presence of the NPA rebels in the housing projects.

“We would want to ask the residents to take videos of actual scenes that there are NPA rebels carrying firearms in the area, and with that, we shall take action,” said Chief Insp. Manuel de Vera Jr., Pandi police chief.